1 Day BootCamp Retreat in Minneapolis

Energetic Weight Loss Boot-Camp Retreat 

with WildFlower 

Saturday, February 2nd

1-7pm in Minneapolis, MN


I’m super excited to announce that i’m going to be holding an Energetic Weight Loss Boot-Camp Retreat on Sat, Jan 6th in Minneapolis, MN…. i’ll be working with a small group of people, to help jumpstart their weightloss journeys…… we’ll be talking about how to take your defining moments and make them work for you……

We’ll be creating our slender body vision boards and you’ll create your own personalized energetic weight loss prescription that you can follow after the bootcamp to stay on track……. like I said, it will be a small group of people……. there is a limit of 20 participants …… and i’ll also be doing a group intuitive reading during the retreat as well, which is always fun……..

Plus, by coming to this retreat, you’ll get lifetime VIP access to our private energetic weight loss facebook group, where our energetic weight loss community shares stories and challenges and supports each other in their goals…. the info on how to sign up is below.

We’re going to be covering a variety of topics in the bootcamp that will help you reclaim your slender self….

In this life changing retreat, you’ll:

  1. Learn why people that are energetically sensitive have a greater tendency to gain weight and have a harder time losing weight without the proper energetic techniques

  1. Learn how to release the excess weight you’ve been holding onto by reprogramming your body’s energetic blue print and strengthening your aura and chakras (energy centers)

  1. Release the Energy cords that you have connected to others to “re-frame” yourself, release your old overweight identity and reclaim your slender identity

  1. Receive distance Oshune Reiki Energetic Healings to release old and awaken to the new (from me, founder of Oshune Reiki)

  1. Learn how the “fear of being attractive” can set you up for failure in your weight loss goals and what to do about it.

  1. Learn how NOT to be an empathic sponge!

  1. Learn how to have GOOD personal and professional boundaries so that you can let go of your body fat trying to do the job for you.

  1. Learn how feeling “overwhelmed” in your life can lead to remaining overweight

  1. Learn how to STOP being a “People-Pleaser” – putting everyone else’s happiness before your own – and begin to reclaim your true power to reclaim your life and your body.

Learn how important “Life Balance” is to losing weight and create your own personal “Life Balance Plan”


How do you know if this retreat is right for you? 
Ask yourself this: Are you overweight because you’re energetically sensitive?

If you are one of the sensitive, intuitive, empathic, emotional or easily affected people out there, you may be holding onto excess fat because you’re using it as a physical shield to block out the energies and emotions that you feel from other people instead of letting your own aura (or energetic field) do it’s job properly. This is why there are many people in the caring professions – doctors, holistic professionals, counselors, intuitives, advice guru’s and the like that are overweight. They just simply take on so much energy from others and don’t know how to release it.


In this Boot-Camp Retreat, you’ll begin to re-train your Energy to allow yourself to lose excess weight, 10, 20, 50 pounds or more……  and have the emotional freedom you’ve probably always wanted, but didn’t know how to have before now.


OK… true story… here’s me in November of 2002…..

I was successful in my career, working as a Intuitive Marketing and Business consultant for Hollywood celebrities like Michael Douglas, Anna-Nicole Smith, best selling authors, TV personalities and all kinds of really cool people. I had a secure high profile career, a gorgeous little boy, an awesome home and some really good stuff going on in my life, including having just become a certified Reiki Master/Teacher.

One thing though, I was over 50 pounds overweight and no matter what kind of diet or exercise program I did, they just didn’t work for me… and for the couple that did, I always gained it back plus some within a few months. I just couldn’t seem to wrap my head around how I could be so successful in all these other areas of my life, and have such drive and ambition, but when it came to losing weight, I just failed over and over again… it was just this seemingly unending cycle. So, I set out on a spiritual quest… to take the next 6 months and find out what was holding me back from having the body I wanted.

Fast Forward to 2003….


During my vision quest, I realized that being a natural born Psychic Medium had far more to do with the diets failing me, then I knew. At the time, I had been thinking that I was just being a big baby or a loser (or NOT – pun intended) that just didn’t have enough dicipline or couldn’t get things together and lose weight.


In 2003, I realized that I had been using the excess fat on my body as a physical shield to block out the energies and emotions that I felt from other people instead of letting my own aura (or energetic field) do it’s job properly.

And as I realized this, I created my own program to lose weight… once and for all …… I call it my Energetic Weight Loss Program …  and yah!, SUCCESS….. I lost over 50 pounds by using these techniques I developed and have kept it off for over 9 years.


So, my Intuitive & Reiki clients noticed the slimming down I was doing and started asking for help losing weight , so I created “Reiki Weight Loss Sessions” to help my clients lose weight……and have helped many people along their weight loss journey. (see testimonial below!)

Then, some of my phone clients that I do Intuitive Readings for, started asking me to create something that they could use to start losing weight. So, I wanted to create a set of simple techniques that anyone could use.


So, here you have it, my Energetic Weight Loss Boot-Camp Retreat….. this event is a key part of my entire Energetic Weight Loss System……. it helps to quantum leap your dedication…. to create a moment in time where you make the commitment to yourself to finally succeed at your health goals.

You’ll learn how to release the excess weight you’ve been holding onto by reprogramming your body’s energetic blue print.  I’ll even be doing a live hypnosis meditation  help retrain your subconscious and your energetic field for releasing excess weight that you’ve been holding onto.


Here is what Anne had to say about her weight loss journey:

“I have been obese for the past 22 years and have tried everything to lose weight. I worked with WildFlower for 6 months doing a mix of Weigh Less and Oshune Reiki sessions. At first, I noticed a decrease in my stress level, especially at work as I became more present in the moment and took on less negative energy from others. Gradually, the desire to overeat has lessened as I shift my energy with Reiki instead of with food. I am now at a healthier weight (no longer obese) and feel better than I have been in years. (see before and after photos below)

Thank you!”


Dr. Anne H.– Minneapolis, MN


You might be asking yourself “Why should I go with this program when there are so many other programs out there to choose from?” I’ve been there…. I spent 10 years of my life being overweight, as a child and as a young adult….. and I lost over 50 pounds by using this technique and have kept it off for 9 years now. This is about changing your life for the better. This is about long term success.

My Energetic Weight Loss technique speaks to the unique challenges of the energetically sensitive and is different than anything else on the market. So if you’ve tried everything else and it still isn’t working for you, consider doing something different. In Matrix language…… do you choose the Blue pill or the Red pill? The choice is yours.


From “The Matrix” movie – Morpheus: “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes”

This Retreat is like taking the RED pill.

Oh, and by coming to this retreat, you’ll get a special discount for my upcoming energetic weight loss 4 week  tele-class……to help solidify new patterns and give you more tools and techniques to make your weight loss goals a lifelong reality.

So, the details on how to sign up for the Energetic Weight Loss Boot-Camp Retreat are below….. and be sure to check out the super cool bonuses that come with it….. would be awesome to see you there!

As always, wishing you love, slender health, wealth and the time to enjoy it.

Bright Blessings, WildFlower


Energetic Weight Loss Boot-Camp Retreat

with WildFlower 

Sunday, January 6th


at The Amanae Retreat Center
2324 E 37th St
Minneapolis, MN 55406


Here’s what you get:

VIP access to the Energetic Weight Loss Boot-Camp Retreat

The Energetic Weight Loss Workbook

Mini Psychic Reading at the Retreat by WildFlower

* Oshune Reiki Treatment at the Retreat with our group Reiki circle meditation.

Lifetime access to our private Facebook group

Plus 3 Bonuses:

2 MP3 Advanced Release Music Downloads - “Breathing” and “Building The Energy” – off of WildFlower’s unreleased Ethereal Dance Music album, “Sexy Hot Fire Magick” (priceless)

1 MP3 Hypnosis Download of WildFlower’s “Activate Your Psychic DNA” Audio Hypnosis Program ($100 value)

6 MP3 downloads of  WildFlower’s radio show “Bridging The Gap”.  WildFlower interviews the leading edge thinkers of our time to “Bridge The Gap” between metaphysics, success and self-discovery. You’ll receive the following episodes: ($300 value)

- End Self-Sabotage with Kevin Hogan (author of “Shattered”)
- Ancient Aliens with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
- Shamanic Healing with Dr. Drake Speath
- Sound Healing with Jonathan & Andi Goldman
- Reprogramming Your Subconscious with Steve G. Jones
- Manifesting Love, Health & Wealth with Patrick Arden McNally


Cost: $125

- or bring a friend and you’ll each save $25

To pay securely with Paypal, credit or debit card, click on one of the links below to register.


2013 Energetic Weight Loss Tele-Class – Starts Jan 8th – click HERE for details

To solidify your new slender lifestyle and make it a habit, Sign up for both the BootCamp Retreat & the Tele-Class (4 week teleclass starts on Tues, Jan 8th) and save money, click below:


P.S. If you find that you’d like a private intuitive phone session with me to work on some of your personal weight loss issues, for the first 5 people to register, I’m giving over $50 off your first half hour Energetic Weight Loss Consultation …..

 (Reg. $100 – that’s over $50 off the regular price)

See the details for weight loss readings here: http://professionalangel.com/consultations/energetic-weight-loss-sessions



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